How We Began

Jennifer Cantu, Elizabeth Mendoza, and Stephanie Pennell met in 2016. As we got to know each other, we had lots of discussions about what makes Fort Bend County unique and how we could best serve the special population here, while also advancing progressive causes, and fulfilling our individual requirements for feeling like we make a difference. Like all of you, we have jobs and families and need to find the ways we feel we are best helping our community within the time we carve out. The three of us realized pretty quickly that we wanted to home in on some areas of special interest and we wanted to act quickly and decisively. A lot of people in Fort Bend County are completely disengaged from the process - and un/underrepresented - whether because of ethnicity, cultural difference, immigration status, or socioeconomics. We are passionate about the county's diversity - all four of us are so proud of our unique community - and we want to highlight that diversity and maximize it politically. For us, that means for all of the county's residents - all races, religions, countries of origin, level of education, immigration status, and level of income. This also means getting out into the community and meeting and helping people that are often overlooked. It means shaking hands and sharing a meal with people we may not come across in our day-to-day lives. Plenty of groups exist to help the well-represented in our county. We want to help those who really don't have anyone speaking to them or amplifying their voices.